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Woman in Tiho’s paintings is source of life. She is human, divine, a harlot, faithful wife, lover, mother and sister. She embodies beauty and bounty, mayhem and madness, courage and constancy, seduction and sex. She is the world to the world, birth giver, nurturer, mentor and molder of the past, present and future.

Over the past two decades, Tiho has developed his own genre of the female nude: lavish, erotic, vulgar, angelic women cast within fantastical landscapes or dramatically immersed interiors. They appear to occupy their own realm while narcissistically contemplating themselves and their bodies. Rich and mystery full space around them frequently augments the psychologically-charged mood, further adding to the impression of theatricality and creative possibility.

Tiho often likes to quote: “According to the golden ratio, women are the most harmonious beings in the Universe.” From Leonardo da Vinci to Salvador Dali the golden ratio is believed to have guided artists and architects over the centuries. This divine proportion is also incorporated in all Tiho’s paintings.