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Tiho was born in 1961 in Cetinje, Yugoslavia, the Mediterranean city in the very heart of Europe. According to the legend, Cetinje, mythically known as The Valley of the Gods, is one of the strongest energetic spots on the world's energy map. People who are born and raised in these places differ from others, and carry science and art within themselves.

Tiho began attending the prestigious Academy of Art at the age of twenty-seven and graduated at the top of his class.

Before studying art, Tiho studied engineering, but ultimately decided that this was not his greatest passion. In the meantime Tiho has founded an organization, ArtKok, through which he has managed a city theatre, four music bands and various dance groups. Tiho also founded a local radio station in the city of Cetinje and managed it for a few years.

Upon his graduation from the Academy of Art Tiho spent over five years in Italy and nearly a year in Paris, refining his technique by visiting the world's famous museums and studying the masterpieces of the world's best artists ever.

Tiho has organized 14 personal exhibitions in various cities throughout Europe.

Tiho’s exhibitions attract an incredibly large number of people. In 1999 his exhibition in Paris has been attended by 17.000 visitors, and in 2006 his exhibition in Podgorica has been seen by 40.000 people in the period of 14 days.

Due to Tiho’s version of Mona Lisa named “Monalisa in timelessness”, the Louvre Museum in Paris has documented his past accomplishments.

In Paris, Tiho has been invited by the prestigious university “Paris 8” to give lectures to art critics and art historians.

In 2007, Tiho published a critically acclaimed book titled “Marlen”, and he has written a script for the movie “Soul Naked”.

Since 2010 Tiho has been a professor in the subject of Art architecture and business at the prestigious university UDG in Montenegro.

In 2014, Tiho got Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Art Theory.

He also supports various charity organizations worldwide.

Tiho's paintings radiate an incredible amount of positive energy. Some scientists even claim that his artwork has healing power.